Class Focus

The D20 Free System Allows for greater Character Customization by eliminating classes and creating Class Focus Skills. At level 1, you can choose 3 Class Focus Skills. You are not limited to one class when selecting these skills. so have two or more Class Focus Skills at Lev 1 is an option.
At every even level, you wil gain access to another Class Focus skill ( level 2, then 4, 6, 8, etc ). At every 10th level you gain 2 focuses, so at level 10, 20, etc. As, with your first skills, you are not limited to any one Class focus when choosing these skills. If a focus has a prerequisite focus, than you must meet that before taking the new focus.

Your choice of focus also adds an additional bonus that is gained upon leveling.. The bonus is dependent on what class of Focus you choose. At level one, if you are selecting multiple focuses, you must choose one as the basis for you bonus, you cannot have multiple bonuses. As you level, you would only gain the bonus of the Class focus you chose at level up. The bonus is listed under the Class Focus listing.

Strength Focus


Class Focus

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