The World forsaken be the gods.
The date: 2047 P.E.
The place: The Castle of Chicago.
The history of the world you are in:
The P.E. stands for Post Excommunication.

2047 years ago, the Gods abandoned Earth. At this time there was a great war, a war that nearly ended all of the races on earth and the planet itself.
The Malediction War.
All the races were using not only the powers of magic, but the powers of their gods to destroy each other and the world around them as a consequence of the war.
The gods intervened and stopped the war. The Gods removed their powers from the Faithful and restored the world to it’s natural state, but in turn made all of the creatures of the world more Dangerous. The Humanoid races of the world were forced to band together in order to survive.
The gods had taken their powers away, But the power of magic remained. The excommunication forced the races not rely on their own powers of magic but their will to survive. So, To survive the races of the world came up with Castles and Technology, and MageTech.
You are in the Castle of Chicago. Just trying to get by in the world that is now controlled by Corporations, Wealth is the new god of SchrödingEarth.
In this universe, Earth has more than just Humans that inhabit the world. Human lives with Changelings, Elves: Grey and Dark, the touched -Aasimar and Tieflings, gnome, goblins, orcs and Half-orcs, dwarves, Kobolds, Ogres, Trolls and Dragons.

Magic and Technology have grown side by side.

The world is a different place.
But let’s focus on where you will be mostly, North America. The major cities house 90% of the races living here. And it’s not the Unites states. It’s the United City States of America, as Canada and America are one unified. Washington DC is still the Capital of the New America. However the Division of power is slightly different. It’s governed by the Heads of Trinity which are the elected leader of the Mage Alliance, the Ceo of the Corporate Conglomerate, and Elf King.

Major cities are Called Castles and divided into 3 to 5 Levels with the richest on the top level and the poor on the lower levels. They are mostly ruled by elected officials…. Controlled by corporations.

Castles are policed by the Knighthood. Ranks are:
Errants- rookies, beat cops, patrols
Militissa/Knights- ranking officers/detectives
Paladins/Teutons- Swat units/riot control/Anti- mage units

There is No Clerical Magic and No Psionics

Potions are in pill and syringe form if they can be drank or ingested

The mage class is available and can be taken at level 1. Mages work the same as normal, save for the fact that they cast spells l like a Sorcerer. They must have their spell book… Or tablet within a five foot radius of them to cast spells higher than 0 level. 0 level spells do no require a spell book. They cannot use spells from another mage’s tome, book, etc.
Mages will have access to the cure (x) wounds spells. However there is no cure disease spells, or resurrection/reincarnation spells. Animate dead, always available.

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